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Considering that the common home owner will pay out a lot more in interest over the lifetime of their home loan than their home actually cost in the first place. You can view why attempting to secure yourself the perfect mortgage deal now could save you thousands of dollars in interest within the 25-30 year duration of your mortgage loan.

For the majority of us the house is the single priciest and important purchase we ever make! Because this is actually the case we invest lots of time and effort into locating the perfect property in the best location. However few of us invest the time and effort we should into researching and securing the best possible finance method for purchasing our home.

This article will give you a few pointers to help make the search for the most ideal and personally suitable mortgage that much simpler; and bear in mind that your seek out the best loans and repayment vehicles available can be executed on the internet, making the complete process that much more convenient and time efficient for you.

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Step One

Firstly you must understand the different types of mortgage that exist – they come in many flavours! By taking the right time to understand the way the different types of loan work. You can see which type fits you as well as your personal circumstances best in the end. It most certainly isn’t an instance of one home loan type suiting all people!

At their most simple level most mortgages fall into one of the next categories. Different lenders will have their own variants on the theme. But if you realize the basics of the next loan categories you’ll be equipped with sufficient data to go on to step two.

Fixed Rate Home loans a borrower pays a fixed interest for a set time period and usually the longer the set period the higher the fixed rate. This sort of home loan protects the debtor from interest fluctuations and payment uncertainties. But it can imply that when the loan term begins the borrower is usually paying above the best interest rates available. In america and most other countries apart from the UK you could have a set rate throughout your mortgage. In the united kingdom it is typical to only fix for no more than 10 years.

Variable or adjustable Rate the rate of interest payable with a borrower may differ. Lenders usually keep their interest fluctuations in line with the Bank or investment company of England’s bottom rate in the UK and the rate arranged by the Federal Reserve Board in America. Certain lenders offer reduced variable rates for mortgage loans for a fixed period to attract borrowers.

The attraction of this type of mortgage is that initial rates are usually less than offered under the terms of a set rate mortgage however over a time period the rates of interest can rise considerably and make borrowing far more expensive. Furthermore the fluctuations make it problematic for a borrower to know how much he’ll be paying from one month or one year to the next.

To offset the chance associated with an adjustable rate mortgage some lenders offer capping options.

Sometimes they fix the utmost level to which the interest you are at the mercy of can rise for confirmed period of time, sometimes they fix the cover per calendar year and for the duration of the mortgage sometimes.

Balloon Home loans popular in america with homeowners who aren’t likely to stay static in their new home forever, these mortgages are usually repayable in 5-7 years. They provide the benefit of lower rates of interest but the drawback that if you remain in the home following the 5 or 7 yr period you have to secure a fresh loan to repay the balloon mortgage!

Jumbo Home loans or ‘nonconforming’ Mortgages the united kingdom doesn’t have an equivalent of this US loan type. Basically in america there is a legislated purchase limit set each year by the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation a jumbo loan allows the debtor to borrow over and above this amount but also for the privilege they’ll incur higher interest levels.

mortgage interest rates

Step Two

Having identified which type of home loan probably fits you best you need to consider repayment methods and you basically have two to choose from:

Interest Only

Your monthly repayments to your lender cover only the interest on the loan and therefore nothing you pay back goes towards repaying the borrowed amount; it is up to you to establish some form of savings vehicle on the duration of the loan period into which you pay sufficient amounts to make sure you have enough capital by the end of the loan period to repay the amount borrowed.

Capital & Interest

Your monthly repayments are divided into an interest payment and a capital repayment. In the early years of the loan period the majority of the payment is swallowed up in interest but as time passes the total amount swaps and you start to pay back more of the administrative centre sum borrowed.

Step Three

Now you understand which home loan type and which repayment method you favour it’s time to find the right lender! There are so many lenders offering such a number of loans that initially it can appear a daunting potential customer wanting to determine which lender most fits you! However, depending on the power of your credit record, your current employment position, how much you want to borrow and how a lot of a down payment you are able to make, some lenders will rule themselves out and some will seem more attractive to you.

You’ll be able to approach an independent large financial company or separate financial adviser to assist you with your search. This specific will examine the product market place and apply his experience to seeking the best lender to suit his client’s requirements. Most of these brokers are paid a fee by the lender when you take out your mortgage; some also charge you a charge however. Make sure you find out from the broker whether you’ll be billed as this is possibly an additional fee you could well do without!


There are a lot of informative sites and tools like mortgage calculators available on the internet to offer you, for example, an idea of how much you can borrow and the most efficient borrowing and repayment method to suit you and to offer you an insight into the lenders themselves.

By using all the tools and resources accessible to you and by doing your home work you’ll be informed which will strengthen your loan buying position.

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